Larger or more complex companies often require other solutions than classic businesses. We work in close partnership with our clients and fully understand the processes, corporate culture, supply chain etc. of their company. We firmly believe that a partner must have a thorough understanding of the client's core business in order to be able to offer tailor-made solutions on the market.




Insurance companies pay UFS a brokerage fee for keeping track of the client’s policies. Said fee corresponds to a fixed percentage of the net premium paid by the client (stamp duties excluded).

We are not allowed to accept any additional commissions based on the kind of damage or on the policy value.


Together with our clients we define the extent of our services and agree to different offers on a fee basis. This means you pay only for the services you need. Apart from the Broker Mandate, a separate cooperation agreement is drawn up containing, among others, UFS’s services and professional fees.

International companies

Companies with affiliates abroad depend on interconnected and coordinated solutions for the entire group. Affiliate companies abroad often create products that get distributed worldwide through the holding company. Our task consists in coordinating all these processes, in structuring optimally international insurance programs and, upon request, in seeking partners abroad.


Staff insurance is not among the most costly items in a portfolio. Also, there are differences in every country. UFS’s services concern all areas in relation to your employees.


Facilities, properties and warehouses

Industries in particular often have invested large amounts in facilities and warehouses. In this we focus on the dependencies between you and your suppliers or key clients. Moreover, we carefully examine damage limits, analyze chokepoints – so-called bottlenecks – in the production process and scrutinize existing solutions. If need be, we involve a risk engineer, who carefully analyzes your business in connection with a brand and shows you possible architectural or organizational improvements.


The transportation of goods always involves risks from origin to destination. Our task consists in discussing a series of topics together with you: transport routes, temporary storage, means of transportation and partner companies such as forwarding agents or haulage contractors, but also other topics, such as investment goods, trade fairs/exhibits or contractual penalties, which need to be examined carefully.

Public liability/Product liability/Professional liability

Our comprehensive third party liability is highly complex and hard to outdo. No other insurance partner offers such varied solutions and possible coverage components. After a detailed examination of your products and services, we assemble the individual coverage components like a puzzle. For this area we also turn to certain providers from the Anglo-American world who have specialized in Switzerland.

This allows us to offer best solutions in particular for companies working in the fields of IT, healthcare and architecture/engineering.

Corporate bodies

Members of boards of directors as well as all management members and company auditors are personally responsible and can therefore be held liable for damages they would cause by violating their duties. Liability often incurs by performing management tasks, in pursuance of art. 754 of the Swiss Code of Obligations. Liability issues concern the members of corporate bodies of public limited companies (in German: AG) but also to a certain extent the members of corporate bodies of private limited companies (in German: GmbH), cooperatives, associations and foundations.

Special solutions

The insurance sector constantly follows new trends and creates products based thereon. Clearly, you will benefit from UFS’s proactive approach. UFS knows the market, keeps itself up-to-date with information from the insurance companies and presents you with solutions you might not yet be aware of. We would be pleased to have a close look with you also at some niche products, such as:

  •    Cybercrime
  •    Reputation
  •    Product contamination
  •    Supply chain
  •    Weather
  •    Trade & Credit
  •    Clinical trials


  • On AG

    «Peter and his team from UFS AG are our competent partner in all our insurance matters. They accompanied us on our fast track from the start-up to the world's fastest growing running shoe brand. They have repeatedly proactively questioned, renegotiated and improved existing insurance solutions, all with a sensible balance of security and risk. We very much appreciate the partnership with UFS.»

    Claudio Jampen

    Head Controlling

  • Dnata Switzerland AG

    «UFS is our insurance broker and clearly also a partner by our side. We have entrusted UFS with all our social insurance matters for many years. We value not only their specialist knowledge and professionality, but also the adequate, personal and ever neutral assistance they offer.»

    Roberto Feijoo Lopez

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH

    «We value working together with UFS – they are highly competent in their work, they ensure easy communication channels and they have a strong service orientation. Thanks to our partnership with UFS, in the past years we have realised significant cost optimisations in favour of our employees.»

    André Weber

    Head of Human Resources & General Affairs


Peter Blatter, Managing Partner

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