our partners

Insurance companies

For many years we have been working with all well-known insurance companies, pension funds and health insurances (SME business only) in order to obtain the best possible offers for our clients. Currently, there are between 50 and 60 suppliers listed. The number of providers is changing due to new companies (mainly in the digital sector), business tasks (e.g. Sanitas or Concordia) or mergers. A partnership relationship is of central importance for us and is regularly maintained. Every year, we meet well-known partners for the annual meeting in order to improve cooperation and discuss current topics.

Other partners


Legal, tax and business consulting


Company solutions for inpats and expats


Trust services for physicians and SME


Service organization for practicing assistants and senior physicians in Switzerland


Experts in corporate body liability and in special solutions


Simple, automated online accounting for SME


Union of Swiss Sporting Goods Suppliers


Partner for international programs and special solutions